Friday, November 12, 2010

Feelin' Like A Needle Pin Cushion

When you go travelling as much as I do, and on top of that have a very weak immune system because of the MS - then the various vaccines are a definite MUST: typhoid, yellow fever, hepatitis, flu (inkl. H1N1) etc.

....which makes me feel like a needle pin, since I also have to go to the hospital each month to get my MS treatment (oh yes, there is a needle too) and also have regular bodtests taken.

Just imagine that your travel insurance say no to cover expenses, if you did not take precausions before going on a trip to a remote place.... scary isn't it - know people, that have been in that mess, and are still paying off debt accumulated by the cost of the treatments afterwards.

Don't forget those, who have no funds to pay for a vaccination - support charities like Red Cross or Medecins sans frontiers as they offer programmes for vaccination of 3 world countries.

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