Saturday, February 5, 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 5: Everbody Can Fold A Star....

.... or maybe not ?!

When you learn something as a child, you automatically believe, that it is something the whole world know how to do....  It is not until years later, that you face the reality.

Foliding a paper star - Fröbel Star - is something you can do in less than 5 minutes, granted you know how to do it. When searching the net to find the how-to-instructions earlifer today, I learned not only the real name, but also that it was an invention of Friedrich Fröbel, that believed in challenging the mind of the child when learning something new - he was the one who invented kindergarden.

The silver one is folded of bought paper strips (smaller than those I usually use) - and the other one is my attempt of making my own paper stripes out of paper (the coin for size comparison is the US coin, a dime).
In the process, I discovered two things. 1) The thicker the paper, the wider the strips need to be, 2) Make sure, that both side of the paper will fit the purpose, as both sides will be revealed when folding it.

Hmmm....and now I will be on the lookout for suitable paper to make my own paper star strips.

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