Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 1: Tag You're It

Day one of the Thing-A-Day challenge...

I have decided, that I have too many projects that all suffer under my procastination - the excuse: Well I can always do that - it really takes no time, and I rather challenge myself with a bigger creative idea.

Last X-mas I created the gift tags in very last minute - using rubber stamps, paper and copics.... well not exactly something that showed me, except for the fact, that they were homemade for the occation. This year is going to be different so I already started doing something X-massy... sorry... but this idea has been luring in the back of my head.

The inspiration is from Sweet Paul's blog - but spiced up with a personal touch. The pictures are taken by me during the second half of 2009, and I added some rivets and instead of the plain white string - I went for something typical Danish (the red/white string) and I might blame it on my genes :o)

It came out even better than I hoped.... going to create some more of these and give them to some friends, who might want to use them.


Karen said...

Nice tags. I should do that, I have so many old Christmas cards.

Maria :) said...