Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Association Technique And Cards

The PostIt card I made last week fuelled additional card ideas, that I just had to get out of my head - and what better way is there than to create them :o)

When I was taking courses in order to get my diploma in Innovation, I attented a one called Creative Problem Solution: simple techniques that can fuel people's imagination and create new ideas. Association Technique is just adding another word, guided by the word you just heard: eg. red - firetruck - bonfire - picknick - pinwheel etc. letting your imagination work for you.

Realised that my subconsience must have worked like that technique. But think about it: that is actually a process that most cardmakers do, when they create a card with a theme specially designed for the receiver, and bet you did not even know it.

So is it "simple"? Well have a hard time using that word, because that word itself is anything but simple: the word has 27 definitions according to the dictionary I just looked it up in the other day.

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Petra said...

So clever! Got to try me some of these :)
P.S. never knew the word simple had so many definitions....