Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Book: Summer of Love

Have had this book since it was published thanks the the pre-ordering with Amazon.co.uk, and very proud of myself not having read this book immediately but saved it for my vacation.....had I started reading it upon receipt, I would have forgotten all about descent bedtime hence being late for work.

Katie Fforde - I have all her books and she never dissapoint me: the first I ever bought was bought because of the luring cover, and then I was hooked... on one of my following trips to London, I managed to find 9 of her books in a store and brought them all to the counter. Will never forget the expression on that sales person's face which turned into a big smile when he realised, that I was not British only visiting.

The main character in her books, are always women who have to embark new paths in their life due to various circumstances, where they discover themselves and a side of them, that often evolves into a new type of job, they never dreamed of, and where they can use their various talents (mostly creative).

When I read her books, always think of the time spent as "feel good time" as one simply slide into this wonderful world of her books.

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Anne-Marie said...

Will look out for this one...thanks for the tip! :)