Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When It Has To Stay "Simple"

Plans are altered at the moment, due to the masses of water that hit our city Saturday, and we are still affected severely by the aftermath.

One of my friends had to cancel a scheduled trip, since her store was damaged by the water. Her daughter is 8 years old and asked her mum, if she thought that she could stay at my house today, while the mum was taking care of things at the store (which has to remain closed for a while due to the damages). How could I resist that request?

The little girl called me up and requested that we could make some cards - but with one condition: the paper etc to be used was to be something she already had at home. Scissors, glue, the Sizzex etc was ok to borrow from me.... But I had to go into a thinking mode, as I knew that she was likely to only have a limited stash of paper.....

Then I discovered something by the computer: Post-It!s in various colours, which I know they have plenty of in their house, since their refrigerator is covered with to-do PostIt!s.... and I know that the girl has a bunch of the self-adhesive rotating eyes, since she was with me on one my visits to the TIGER store, where they are sold for a bargain price. Good quality white paper suitable as cardstock is always availabe at their house. When I asked her to bring those things - it made her giggle, as I am her "crazy aunt" (remember we are not really related ;o) )

I remembered seing a fun and inspiring card on Lynne's blog the other day, which inspired me to this card using my SIZZEX and VOILA!!

Do you think she will enjoy the inspiration? I will show her Lynne's blogpost letting her know, that there are much inspiration to be found in blogland with the help from an adult.


Anne-Marie said...

Oh that is so sweet...you can come and play at my house anytime! LOL x

Rosemary said...

I think this sounds like a wonderful time to be spent together and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that owl card!


Petra said...

What a clever way to teach chldren that all things are possible with a little bit of creativity. You're blooming marvellous and I love that owl card :)