Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Elephant of the Day #24

Title: Poetry
Artist: Lars Pugholm
Location: Vor Frue Plads

Same day I took this picture, I found the "hotline" to report in there is vandalism etc. on an elephant, so I reported it - looking at the damage, it could be that a bicycle had fallen and hit this elephant, as a lot of bicycles were parked nearby.

Elephant Parade's official website


Peace Be With You said...

I finally decided not to wait until the series was over to tell you how much I have been enjoying these amazing works of art. Really extraordinary.


Birdie said...

So pretty; love the eye! Hope they can fix the foot and believe it has to be an accident - don't like thinking someone would deface any of these art works on purpose.

Karen said...

Such a beautiful pattern. Looks like a china plate. It's too bad about the damage. I hope it can be repaired.