Sunday, July 3, 2011

World Wide News Clippings

Own picture shot at the Smithsonian African American History and
Culture Museum, Washington DC

June 6th, the Danish version of the free newspaper, METRO EXPRESS, had a column with the title "The Americanization Is A Myth" (Amerikaniseringen er en myte)..

Metter Nøhr Claushøj writes abut the tendency of everything turning the American way (watching US movies and TVseries, wearing American clothes and the list goes on) - but argues that the Americans are actually going the European way albeit a century behind.

That article caused fuel for thought. Yes, people has always been fascinated about the American way of living thus making people blind to the fact, that Americans are equally fascinated by a lot of Spanish, English, Italian and French things.

Why are a lot of Europeans afraid of going to America, when the Americans are also going to our continent for inspiration? Are we blind to the European trends while in the US, as they are everyday things for us? Basically, why are some people scared of everything foreign? And why do we deem people to "be behind", isn't that the natural thing if you get inspiration by others: that they discovered it first?

The fact that countries/continents inspire other countries/continents is in my opnion a good thing as it helps us evolve. Having said that, it is equally important to remember one's roots as it is part of one's identity, which could be an inspiration to other peoople. If you keep your feet on the ground when exploring, you are on the learning path.


Anne-Marie said...

Couldn't agree more....only been to France, Belgium and the States, but love to soak up every thing I, traditions, crafts, buildings, people....everything....all adds to the weave and warp of the rich tapestry of life!

Birdie said...

Wow, have to agree with you and Anne-Marie. Only difference being I have never been fortunate to travel outside of the US. Guess that should be clarified as physically traveling; thanks to you and other international friends I am fortunate to get taste of daily life overseas and find it to be intriguing and educational. I am blessed by these friends!