Friday, July 8, 2011

Escaping From Home

Sound terrible doesn't it??!! But when you have a noisy nextdoor neighbour like mine, that we can not get rid of, then I venture to places, where I can have some hours of resting my ears, since I spent my vacation in my home city. But hey, I get to see this:

An exhibition about Faeroese Knitting; The Art and Design - being an amateur knitter this was really a true inspiration about how colors and yarn is used in another country. By coincidence a Faroese design student stumbled across the knitter Kartina Maria Hansen's work, which turned out ot be unique gems of art.

Some of those colour combinations: awesome. Not exactly how I would ever end up knitting, but those combinations fuelled the imagination. Is there anything better to walk away, just having seen an exhibition that makes your mind think i new directions?


Petra said...

Wow, must say it is awe-inspiring. I can knit, but haven't made anything since about 3 years ago..and those were baby socks for my mom's friend! needless to say one was bigger than the other coz my tension isn't very consistent....

this just inspires me to dig out my knitting book and try again :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

When you escape from your home, you find beautiful knitting...Hope home becomes quieter