Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Just Another Day

9 years ago today, I found out why my body was not acting normal but had put me into a wheel chair: Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

Afterwards a gazillion of questions in my head, about the future....well about everything really.... in a way relieved that my condition finally had a name.... and then also freaked out abuot the words Multiple Sclerosis.

Lots have happened since, but I am still me.... Albeit a changed me, as I had to make some compromises, forget about some dreams and then pursuing new and different dreams instead.... I have grown stronger in some ways and lost in other aspects of my life.

Am I bitter??.. Well, yes at little bit and then absolutely not, as I have learned to follow my own path. Sometimes I forget, that I am a MS'er, other times my body reminds me about it.

WHEEL AND WALK - I participated in the 5K event in Manchester in 2008 where I met a lot of British MS'ers. We shared our experiences during the walk which took us along a scenic tour of the city.... During those 5K I realised, that I had gone from wheeling to walking since the diagnosis.


Maria :) said...

I´m very proud of you!!!

Petra said...

Wow, what an achievement. I could never understand what you have to go through but can appreciate the fact that your diagnosis never seems to get in the way of your sunny and bright disposition.
Keep on keeping on because we all love you for it :)

Karen said...

That's an accomplishment! For so many it is the other way around.

Anne-Marie said...

BRAVO!! Good for you, my lovely proud of you!

Birdie said...

Legs, I say "Happy Anniversary of Kicking MS in the Butt Day!"

You know I admire your outlook on life and am constantly amazed at the way you both present and think things. Bitter is not a word I would ever associate with you. Never ever!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

It is strange how relieved it is to have a name for the weird thing....Yes we change our dreams but we can get new ones. I like your attitude