Saturday, July 23, 2011

Elephant of the Day #42

Title: Delirium Tremens
Artist: Jes Wind Andersen
Location: Ørstedparken

This location must be one of the most unfortunate ones - this one is under a tree and thus vandalised by birds (read: bird droppings)

Elephant Parade's official website


Karen said...

I like the simplicity of this guy.

claire7q said...

Just like the statue of the DO.... Shame.

Anne-Marie said...

I think you should class Claire's comments as SPAM....just sayin'...ha!
Poor ickle ellie....aawww!

Birdie said...

C if you would stop moving said statue it wouldn't be an issue. Agreeing with AM here - SPAM potential.

This one makes me think three things: prison jumpsuits, Pepto- Bismol and that taffy I could buy as a kid - really long slabs of it wrapped in wax paper - strawberry flavored for a nickel.