Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Agnes Cupcakes

Yes, I know. Agnes Cupcakes is a dangerous place, as the mere sight of the scrumptious cupcakes persuades you to buy a cupcake. When I purchased one to-go the other day, the cupcake box was sealed with this sticker, that immediately triggered my imagination:

The brown background paper is from an Agnes Cupcake paper bag, and the sentiment was to be just words that fuelled the idea for the card - and orange is a color you will see inside the cupcake boxes and paper bags. Color of the cupcake frosting could be no other colors than a light brown, symbolising my favourite flavour: liquirice :o)

There are two outlets of Agnes Cupcakes in Copenhagen, and today my favourite one will receive this card with my thanks for their scrumptious cakes. Why? How often to we forget to show appreciation for something we like? Often "just" taking it for granted, that you can always buy a good cupcake - well someone decided to bring cupcakes to parts of our city.... guessing that someone has a strong passion for her business, which as brought smiles on my face when eating the cupcakes.


Karen said...

That's a great idea and a sweet card!

Maria :) said...

awesome Idea and card....only one question: WHERE IS THE BOUGHT CUPCAKE?

Anne-Marie said...

How very creative....cupcakes are great fuel for creativity...ha!

Petra said...

Love the inspiration you come up with, sign of a true crafter :) beautiful card and I agree with Maria, where is the real cupcake?