Monday, November 21, 2011

Upcycled For Christmas

When I went to the craft fair a couple of weekends ago, I heard a lecture about creativity. Quite interesting that financias crisis always seem to spur peoples creativity, but also the tendency to start reusing instead of buying new things constantly. It is not "IN" to buy-and-throw-away - but it is "IN"/trendy to reuse items, and create something with your own hands. Insert a little laughter here, when I claim, that I have not been untrendy the past 5-10 years, I have merely been ahead of time.

Got this box with something inside a couple of months ago, and decide to save the box, as it had potential for being upcycled. It just so happended that I this week realised, that I was in need of a box, hence the mentioned one getting a purpose.

An old friend of mine, who also loves receiving letters in the post, celebrates her birthday next Saturday. Wanted to give her something personal, that I know she will make good use of : homemade Christmas cards.
Had thought of stamping a lot of images to use on the cards, but the purchase of the die Reindeer w/Antlers gave me an idea and a chance to use a lot of the redish/white designpaper from Panduro hobby.

Maybe these seem simple, but I like them all and actually have a hard time parting with them. Have considered, if a sentiment should have been stamped on them, but decided agains it, since the birthday girl is to send these to receivers ,who speak various languages (just like her). Included some of my gifttags to the box  and some of this years Christmas stamps in the box.

Hope she will like the box and the items inside.


Karen said...

Simplicity is beauty, and these are beautiful!

Silver Strands said...

You are so creative! I absolutely love those!

Vicky said...

These card are just fab, they are so unusual. They would suit anyone.