Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

To those of you living in or from the US:

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We all have different things to give thanks for, and the way we do our thank yous often variate :o) The welcome home card I usually leave for the owners when house/appartment sitting is my part of saying thank you: I got a sort of mini-break from home and I was temporarily an animal "owner" again.

Most of the times the owners give me a little something from their travels, that they figure I would like (they are usualy never wrong), just look at this one - Is it not cute??

Looking forward to cat-sit again in a few weeks from now :o)


Vicky said...

It's wonderful to feel appreciated every now and again, but I am sure that the owners of the cats you "sit" for are as happy to have you there as you are happy to be there.

Birdie said...

I'd have to agree, doesn't look like they are wrong in picking your thank you gift!