Saturday, November 5, 2011

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Cake??

I was actually about to finish this post, while also catching up on blogposts, emails etc. from the previous days, when I spotted a post on Claire's blog. Wait.... me an expert on cupcakes?? Oh well, I did make this post for fun - and I have actually signed up for a cupcake course :o)

Like so many others, male cards often makes me wonder for a looooong time on how to even make one for that person, but since a HouseMouse stamp founds it's way to my home, several ideas have come into mind. Made this one earlier today the husband of one of my good friends, and he definately has a sweet tooth.

Well needed this card in a hurry, so no time to redo it - and would have altered the width of the brown pice of paper behind the ribbon (which is actually mint green - but only had my mobile phone at hand when taking the picture) to be a bit smaller.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Perfect card! I think we all have a sweet tooth:)

Anne-Marie said...

Oh yum! Good enough to eat....and loooove the colours!

Karen said...

So cute, love House Mouse!

Birdie said...

Can tell you like cake! Great coloring and manly looking card to me.