Sunday, November 13, 2011

November Tea Swap 2011 - Part 2

Fran called out for the November Tea Swap, and this months theme was Fall/Thanksgiving or the colours orange, red and brown. Was not home, when I created this card, so had brought limited supplies, but still managed to create this card for Brenda:

Inside I made this details, so the teabags (YogiTea: Licorice Mint and Pickwick Winter Tea) would not fall out of the card when opening the envelope:

I was just happy that I could actually create a card with the little amount of supplies that I had put in my travelling bag.


Birdie said...

That is one cool card! Tell me what you have behind the cups. Love the textures and colors.

claire7q said...

I love orange! And brown! In fact love all Autumn colours, just wish the actual season was warmer :D
What exactly are you going to do with your international tea mountain you have built up?

Spyder said...

My leafy paper looks fabulous, I'll have to have another go at making backing papers by accident! Thank you for using them