Sunday, November 27, 2011

1st Sunday of Advent

The first light in the advent calendar is lighted today - wow Christmas is knocking at our doors soon.

One of the biggest sign locally is, that the big Christmas tree at the towns square is being lighted today and will spread some Christmas joy for all the holiday shoppers until Christmas is over. Some kids, and even some adults too, enjoys getting advent gifts which means they will open up the first one today - that particular tradition is not in my family but then we have another one starting December 1st. Locally people starts decoration on either first Sunday of Advent or December 1st, depending on which one is first in the calendar.

Most families will also start lighting the outdoor Christmas decorations today - and the past 10 years a few houses have attracted a lot of special attention as they do it the American way :o)

Last year I counted down the days until Christmas with some of the trees in Happy Xmas tree held in Copenhagen 2010 but this year I wanted to do something a little different yet in the spirit of Christmas. During the days of December I will give you a little insight of what a Danish Christmas is like seen through my eyes and family traditions - you may find a lot of similarities to your own traditions.

Hope you will enjoy my Christmas "journey" starting December 1st :o)

P.S.If you are wondering, why the shutters on my windows are closed, it is because we are having stormy weather today.


Maria :) said...

really wonderful christmaslights Anne, love them. I put up our first herrnhuter christmas star up last night. have a great first of advent

Karen said...

The light display at the downtown park will be "lit" tonight. It's pouring rain, I hope it stops so we can take Beep to watch.

Rosemary said...

I am so happy to have been able to visit over here at your blog - I have missed visiting my internet friends' sites and finally am getting a chance to.

Lovely idea of counting down and I look forward to your journey starting on the 1st. In my area I plan to attend the Kris Kringle parade a week from Friday, I look forward to it - very small town and sweet rather than glitzy!