Sunday, February 26, 2012

Powerful Women

Perhaps I have a soft spot, when it comes to movies with Meryl Streep, but in my book, she is one of the greatest acresses and looking at her movie CV a very diverse list of roles. To name a few "The French Lieutenant's Woman", "Kramer vs Kramer", "Out of Africa", "Death Becomes her", "Julie & Julia", "The Devil Wears Prada", "Mama Mia", "It's Complicated"...OK you get it :o) I Like her movies.

I grew up hearing Margareth Thatcher's name in the news - I knew that she was the primeminister of UK, that the Russians had nicknamed her "The Iron Lady" and that was pretty much it. Later I got to know more about her politics and some of the areas where she has made footprints in the history book - since London is always one of my favourite destinations I feel, that I ought to know more about the history of the country, that I love to visit.

When I heard, that Meryl Streep was going to portray the Iron Lady in a movie, it immediately came on my must-see movie list, and thought I had to see it, before the Oscar winners are presented tonight. I know that there is such a thing as really good makeup, but that can only be a small part of her being Margareth Thatcher. Can help wondering what it must be like to go home from a movieset at night, to rest/relax before meeting on the set the following morning: How much does a role like that affect feelings and thoughs while making a movie like this? Anyways this movie is a gripping portrayal of a politician's life and it has convinced me to pick up Margareth's biography next time that I am in England, and while reading that, I might have Meryl's appearence as her on my mind.

Fingers crossed for Meryl Streep winning her third Oscar as best acress in a leading role. 

Sound Of The Reel

Remember that sound, when you escaped into the cinema darkness and could hear the sound of the movie reel?

When I heard that sound earlier today, my initial thought was "What's that noise?!" - soon to be followed by "That's perfect!". I had ventured into the cinema darknes not only to see a movie in black/white, but a silent movie. Know many people that would think that the silent part makes the movie booring, but that only because they have not seen it.

"Merely" by body language and music, you were lured into the movie and I think that you have stronger feelings awakened when watching this kind of movie. Guess many people will not think of music as special/sound effects, but it truly is - maybe a low-tech version of it, but it works.

Perhaps you have guessed already: the movie I saw was "The Artist. I saw the trailer a couple of months back, and already then it captured my curiousity: Would I even like this movie? That question made me decide, that I should give it a try.

This is the best movie that I have seen in years - and my fingers are crossed that it will win the Oscar for BestMovie tonight (tomorrow my time). I heard a Danish movie expert (just when I got home from the cinema) say, that for him it was a mystery how this movie could be so popular - it could only have happened due to the best networking amongst high profile movie people. It only arose one big question in my head: "Has he even seen that movie?"

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tribute To Childhood?

As much I would like to, I do not have my good camara with me all the time - and I do need to remember more often, that there is actually always a camera in my bag: namely the camera in my mobile phone. Luckily that fact was remembered the other night on my way home from the local library, when I spotted some streetart, that just made me smile.

The streetartist must have been brought up with "Where is Wally?" (Danish translation became "Kan du finde Holger?"), since he created this hippie-style version of Wally :o) and I wonder how many kids, that have said "Look Mommy/Daddy!!" when passing this piece of streetart.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Marilyn Monroe

I think that most girls/ladies have been somewhat facinated abouth the stories/life of Marilyn Monroe - me included. In the late 80s I found a version of "The Unabridge Marilyn - the definitive, illustrated A-Z reference book on Marilyn Monroe" by Randall Riese & Neal Hitchens on sale (wierd - Amazon claims that the 1 edition is from 1988, but it says 1987 in my book??!!)

It has its place on the bookshelf next to the biography by Donald Spoto accompagnied by several other biographies: JFK, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Charlie Chaplin, Obama, Salvador Dali, Picasso, James Dean, Andy Warhol, Bill Gates. Odd collection, but it is fascinating to read about what made them who they are/were.

Was surprised by this movie - in a good way. We see Marilyn from both sides: hers and the people surrounding her. Without giving away too much of the plot, I would say, no wonder she was such a fragile person, when looking at the people in her life or surrounding her when working on a movie set. Some very good actors in that movie

Amazed when overhearing the conversation of other movie-goers when leaving the cinema: "Wasn't Marilyn too American?!" Ahmmmm did they not get, that she had travelled to be on an English movieset?? Oh well.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Because I Can: Card For Sebastian

A while ago, a friend from PaperCraftPlanet reminded me about a post, that Ginger had posted on her blog. She teached at a elementary school and in her class, there is a boy, Sebastian, who is undergoing surgery soon. He is little bit different, but despite sometimes being ridiculed by older kids, he seems to have an amazing energy towards life in him - believe most people could learn something from him.

I had not forgotten Ginger's request for cards to Sebastian to make him feel extra special, but I had severe problems figuring out what the card should look like. Last week's freebie at Bugaboo stamps fuelled the ideas - so this is the card that I mailed to Sebastian:

Entering the card in the #73 Anything Goes Challenge at Penny's Paper-Crafty Challenge Blog

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Tea Swap 2012 - Part 2

Got the swap from Josie on Monday and had almost forgotten about the swap when Í opened the envelope :o)

Nice little detail with the pocket that contained a personal note.

When opening the card, pockets for the teabags appeared

Not two but three teabags, all accompagnied with quotes underneath. One can not become anything than happy when receiving a creation like this :o) Thank you Josie.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February Tea Swap 2012 - Part 1

This time Fran called for February's Tea Swap with the optional theme is: Valentine's Day; Optional Colors are: Red and Pink. When I signed up, I had absolutely no idea about what I was going to create as Valentine's Day is not big thing locally. My swap partner for this month was Josie, who I know from PaperCraftPlanet, and the same person who initially tipped me about this montly teaswap.

Made an iris fold heart-card, where the paper used in the heart is tea bag wrap - not too many have red wraps here, so going for a multicoloured heart - sentiment is from the CreativiTEA set from Taylored Expressions.

Then I remembered seing a tutorial on how to make a heart box over at SplitCoastStampers: Why not make a chocolate style heart box for the tea, that I was to send? Teapot stamp I received from a friend who found it at a garage sale - hearts stamp is from Panduro Hobby

I just hope, that Josie thinks, I got the Valentine's theme covered :o)

Monday, February 13, 2012

What Direction Is My Path?

Sometimes I am just wondering what direction my life is going? Am I even taking the right way? Could I take it in an more creative direction instead of pushing papers? Know my job offers me a great deal of travelling but is it worth the sacrifice?

Amazing how tiny imprints in the snow left behind by a bird can fuel one's thoughts..........

Friday, February 10, 2012


The other night I passed this while shopping after work. Remembered that my iPhone has a camera and walk back to snap this photo. Have been looking at it several times, and my mind always wander as that word ABOVE trigger my imagination.

Does it trigger yours??

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days....

.... where you see something that looks absolutely scrumptious, and you buy it, since you had already promised yourself to buy a little something to enjoy when you do all the things on your enourmous to-do-list?

I purchased these three the other day, from a bakery where I noticed cupcakes in Copenhagen for the first time a few years back. Was in that area anyway, so decided that it was time to give those a try. Left to right vanilla, caramel and mint.

YUCK!! Nothing but dissapointment - tried to take a bit of all three of them, but incredible dry and un-eatable - the vanilla and caramel had the same cake and absolutely not fitting the topping. This bakery is located at the busiest shopping streets of Copenhagen, where a lot of tourists passes that bakery daily - a lot of them were having a hot bevarage (temperatures are still freezing cold) and a cupcake on the side, and it was not until after I got home, that I realised that there had been a lot of un-eaten cupcake leftovers on the tables.

I dare to write, that those cupcakes you can sometimes get at the baked goods isles at your local supermarket are a lovely treat compared to these horrible cupcakes.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Woke up this morning with the faint sound of shovels working. When listenen, there was no doubt in my mind! Snow! :o) Jumped out of bed and straight to the window: wonderful, white snow. It is still freezing cold outside, but ventured out on a ½hour walk.

Number of bird feeders has increased, and now two places in the park, supplemented on apples and loafs of bread hanging on the trees. Saw a man busy with refilling the birdfeeders, and gave me a big smile when I said "thank you" to him..... do not think that many people remembers to do so.

Today's photos taken with my iPhone so not the usual photo quality

Rubber Duck Cake - Trial And Error

Purchased the cake pan a few months ago, as I simply had to own it... was then put on a shelve, as Christmas cookie cake cutters were in use for season.

Chocolate duckie after it is taken out of the pan......... looks funny, but seing the colors on the photo I actually like it. It looks a bit "mysterious" to me, but cake needs to cool down before fondant is mounted, as the cake would otherwise be sweating.

Note to self: remember to buy white and black fondant to make proper eyes (cheating here, as eyes are paper). First time ever working with fondant, so surprised about the result........used two different brands of fondant, on very sticky but the other easy to work with.... think I am ready to make the cakes to be served "in public" next week :o)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blimey! It Is Cold Outside!

Blimey.... loved that word since an English teacher used that a lot... he was then still trying to master simple Danish words since he had just arrived 3 weeks before the semester started.

It is cold outside as we are getting a cold current that originated in Siberia all over Europe now, so today is declared day for indoor activities only at my place........ if you even plan to venture outside, you look like a mix of the Michelin Man or a MarshmellowPuf due to the extreme layers of clothes needed to stay fairly warm. My computer is next to one of my windows, from which there is an extreme draft at the moment so catching up with my weaved hearts blog later, as I have been making them every day as planned.

Discovered that this week's challenge at CCEE stampers was to make a card, that includes a snowman and some scallops....... somehow reminding me of Sandra Juto's mindblowing pictures of her icecovered windows (mine does not look like that despite the coldness and draft coming from my windows.

Next thing that jumped into mind was Tuesday Morning Sketches #131:

This is the card that my frosty mind came up with:

Designpaper is Christmas Magic Winter Cold: Snow Crystals from Puppy Designs
White watercolor paper
Snowman stamp is a frebie from a UK magazine
Sentiment from Penny Black's Xmas Snapshots
Ink. StazOn Jet black
COPIC B34 Manganese Blue
Snow Flurries Die from Tim Holtz
Blue and silver paper are scraps from paper bags.

Mirrored the snow flurry die on the water color paper, and decided to "trace" the edges a little with the blue COPIC to enhance the frosty touch.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Do you have a santuary, where no everyday thoughts are allowed? Where you just forget any sorrows and let your mind wander? I have found some in unexpected places, and cherish every moments and thoughts that have been spent there.

Seoul, South Korea

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do You Have....

something that was intended to be used, but you are clinging on to it refusing to use it, since it is just soo nice??

I got one of those things from a colleague last year, since she know that I am amazed by a peacock's colors, feathers.... the peacock's appearance in general. She know that I like being crafty, so the purpose of this was clearly to include it on a project.......but NO!! do not want to part with it :o)

Wanna see??

So which item is your "soft spot"??