Friday, August 30, 2013

All the Buildings in New York

Since I discovered James Gulliver Hancock a few years back, I have admired all his drawings of New York's buildings, so I ordered a book that have drawings of some of my favorite buildings.

"Only" trouble with a book like this is, that I want to go back to New York soon as it brings back a lot of good travel memories. Flipped quickly through the book to find Empire State Building and Chrysler Building and got a big smile on my face - yes there are tons of other wonderful buildings in New York but these two have a very special place in my heart. Know that I would have to restrain myself when eventually buying some of the prints as too many are tempting :o) But for now I will just revisit the city by browsing through this book.

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Karen said...

Having them all in a book you can visit them when ever you want - in your memories. His drawing style looks great by the way.