Sunday, September 12, 2010

Barely Made It.... But I did :o)

My local library is beginning to host book/ reading clubs once a month - 10 different clubs in total. The Librarian's Choice was the one, that spurred my interest, so I signed up immediately.

First I got an email, announcing that I was on the waiting list - a lot of people are interested in these clubs, but there are limited entries. Then half an hour later, I was notified, that I made it after all as one participant decided not to use his/her place in the club after all.

Why did I chose the Librarian's Choice? Well, I usual go for the authors I already know, but figured it could be interesting to read something, that I might not have chosen my self. And for the next 8 months, I will be reading litterature from 7 different countries by 8 different authors - and all of them are actually unknown to me, I only recognise the name of one of the authors, but in not familiar with her works.

I just grabbed some random books representing a teeny tiny part of my book collection and arranged them for this photo. I struck me, that three of the authors was Nobel Prize Winners in Litterature - all of them read as syllabus/suggestions from courses that I have followed/taken.

I will be writing blogposts about the books on the book club's reading list, one-by-one.


Rosemary said...

Perhaps you could share your posts about the books here as well, I would like to see what you think and what books they select for this group. I would imagine that their choices might be eclectic but fascinating as well.

Scientific Housewife said...

Great idea, I love books and am always looking for new ones!