Saturday, September 18, 2010

How Do You Even Start to Explain It....

When I was diagnosed with MS, I somehow knew, that I had to keep "going" (okay.... I was sitting in a wheel chair, when the doctors gave me the diagnosis....) if I wanted a normal life.. Still to this day, I would say "Define normal", and everytime you ask, it produce an answer similar to the previous ones - and yet never identical.

MS is the same for most of us with that diagnosis - we have the diagnosis in common, but always individual variations of the disease.

My immediate thought was, that I needed to figure out, what I was able to do... but could not dismiss things without at least several attempts to accomplish something. It took tennacity, but I regained the ability to walk and later on also running.... and I have given myself options, if I should loose some of those abilities again...if I can no longer run, I might be able to walk... if that should suddenly be impossible - then I need a wheelchair, and I will immediately sign up for whellchair races etc.

I had to learn to have patience (actually still working with that - LOL!) and keep trying to look for solutions possibilities. Friends were amazed and supportive and yet still somewhat curiuos about how I am approaching a lot of things/obstacles etc. Just how do you do that?

At a class, "Who Moved My Cheese?" by Dr. Spencer Johnson was on the syllable.... and there was the answer.... Soon after I bought ten copies (!!) and gave them to my friends asking them to read it with an open mind. What was I up to? But I could tell excactly when they had finished reading the book 'cause all of them phoned me immediately after saying "OK now I get it" - and one of them even gave me the parody "Who Moved My Christmas Tree?" the following X-mas knowing my love for that time of the year.

Lately (within the past year) I found a blog, where another MSer explains the worries, thoughts etc. about the MS in Haiku style - I know that my friends are once in a while reading that blog, as it reflects a lot of the stuff on my mind.

How do you explain "it" ?

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Peace Be With You said...

Thank you, Andaje, for mentioning my blog. It is always amazing to me to think that others are reading my poems and finding them worthy of their attention. I write poems about what I know, feel, and/or observe and send them out. That they land on receptive ground feels miraculous.