Sunday, September 19, 2010

Knitter's Café

A luscious raspberry knitted top dangling from an antique cupboard caught her attention. It looked as soft as, well, as silk. She checked the tag. Eighty percent silk, twenty percent cutton. "Oh yes", she thought, as she fendled the top, letting it caress her skin, seductively soft. She noticed the light, open weave of the stiches. The pattern alternated open and closed sections running lengthwise down the scalloped edge. For the first time in her life, Kelly wished she could create something like this. Sure enough, right at her feet was a bin brimming over with those same silk and cotton yarns, a rainbow of spring and summer colors. Kelly could swear she heard the silk whispering to her.
"Knit One, Kill Two"
Maggie Sefton

A while ago, I went to my first encounter with a knitting café and must admit, that I will make sure, that I go to these events as often as I can. The atmosphere of the place reminded me of Kelly at Lampspun when knitting with her friends - and everybody were nice and helpfull.

I tried to absorb as many tips as possible, listened to their experience with patterns, yarns, needles etc. never feeling out of place, since we all shared the desire to created something using yarn. They managed to make me feel not so lost - since almost all of them still have some small things, that they from time to time still have small problems with... but are now quicker to adjust and get the desired result. I discovered a new place in the world, where I feel at home :o)

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