Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Can't Win 'Em All....

Biotherm has a huge product line, and looking in my bathroom you will soon discover that I love their products - my skin agrees with their products and it took me some years to realise, that there were actually products suitable to my skin.

Usually one of my favourite deoderants is this roll on deo - Biotherm Deo Pure:

But the other day, I was persuaded to by this one also by Biotherm, which is actually eco frindly - Biotherm Pure Natual Deo

Biiiig mistake - the smell when it was applied was awfull and a rash immediately came about. Washed it off in a hurry and threw it out.....Went back to the store the following day to get the usual one. It is a shame as I really like the concept of buying eco friendly items, but not this product range - I will stick to the one I love.

The title of today's blogspot was inspired by a line from the movie "Pleasantville" one of my favourite movies.

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