Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Walk Into Your Childhood Imagination

Remember when you were a child, that you could imagine about almost everything - especially strange, funny, scary, hilarious figures etc.?? ... Well maybe you still have that ability :o) ... And maybe you are able to invite us into your dream world, if you are a creative person.....

In a park in Central Copenhagen, there is this yearly event where a lot of extra sculptures appear in the park envoking a lot of smiles/laughs on peoples faces - some of the sculptures are very abstract, other very close to the object, they are suppose to represent (especially one with a dog or another one with two cats).

I immediately like this little guy (or girl?) and flashes of Alice in Wonderland, cartoons (eg. Beauty and the Beast), science fiction and so much more came rushing into my head.. all of them just putting an even bigger smile on my face. The sculpture is made by Irene Rosenkrantz, and I must admit, that her name was unknown to me until now - but I will definately look at her webpage now and then to see her amazing sculptures.

"If I was a rich girl" sung by Gwen Stefani suddenly rumble in my head.... don't you think that this little guy could be cool as a "greeter" when people visited your house?? Haha :o) Well only wishfull thinking, but at least my imagination was fuelled today with something funny.

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