Sunday, September 26, 2010

Did I Really.... all that today?!

I really need to check the contents of my breakfast, because somebody must have put some extra-charged batteries in it :o)

Went to the local park and brought my camera - todays picture is one of the shots that came out just as I wanted... and I have several more to use in upcoming posts.

I baked some buns inspired by one, I had years ago at a coffee house - buns with made of Italian durum flour, small pieces of olives, pumpkin and sunflower seeds plus sundried cranberries.. they are yummi and goes perfectly with brie (cheese)... and perfect for a quick, light meal. Also made some crisp bread since the oven was already warmed up.

Crotcheting - my creative mentor told me to find something with yarn, that I really admire - eg. inspiration by a blog and make it my own... Make it my own?? I have struggled with that phrase for a few days and I suddenly realise what she meant: Try to create something similar but with my pattern. I came a long way today, and the result - well that is gonna be a seperate blogpost in a few days.

While reading this post, my mind was suddenly on my 4 Simple Goals.... for 2010 - 3 out of 4 were toggled with today without having planned it :o) I had only hoped to do some baking today and the rest is bonus..... 

Well ready to invade my couch with a hot  cup of tea and a chick flick in the DVD-player.

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Scientific Housewife said...

Good for you! I needed to have done a lot more over the weekend but it just didn't happen.