Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Definition of Geek and Normal Is Like A Hair Thin Line....

But How do you actually define that difference?

The dictionary will provide the following definitions:

NORMAL (adj) 1: regular, standard, natural 2: the usual condition, level, or quantity

GEEK  (n) a person of an intellectual bent who is often disliked GEEKY (adj)
The Meriam-Webster Dictionary
I was called a bowling geek the other day, as I brought my own bowling shoes to an festive event at the local bowling alley arranged by the company where I work. Five years ago I was bowling every week with my colleagues (my former job) and the hazzle of getting the correct shoe size etc was too much then - I bought my own shoes thus not having to "share them" with others. This inspired me to this blogpost.

My next door neighboor the the dorm I stayed at during my studies at the university, was by the majority of people considered to be a geek. Those of us who really know him can tell you, that he has a heart of gold, and eventhough he might seem geeky at first glance you will find a normal and clever person underneath the surface.

What defined him as geeky, was his passion for his multiple hobbies, which he often combined. To the left there is a picture of a rocket made of wire and small components - all of components are solded to the wire creating the desired shape. His inspiration to this rocket was Hergé's cartoon "Destination Moon" ("Objectif Lune") - A cartoon I grew up with. This is one of my most treasured possessions absolutely not for sale :o) His greatest works are still in his possession.

He made a few other items of components, which he sold to others at the dorm also recognising his gift as an artist - as a student money were sometimes scarce and his love of cartoons expensive. Ever since we have suggested that he should make other things like that, as two small local exhibitions really caught a lot of attention and interest for his works - but so far he has not taken the challenge and made more and his number one arguement is, that he does not want attention. What a shame, because these things could really sell.

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