Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cookies On My Mind

A while ago, I started reading "The Christmas Cookie Club" by Ann Pearlman - which prompted a question from one of my fellow crafters in Paper Craft Planet's chatroom: "Are you going to start one?".... The idea is tempting, but how many people could I gather in December for such an event? And my appartment is far from big enough to host let's say 10 people.

Did a couple of Christmas cards those days, where I read a few chapters in the book - it was not hard to get into the X-massy mood despite that the world outside my appartments screams "SPRINGTIME!" - I can just hear people saying "I bet she put on X-mas music too!"

While reading a cookie recipe was running around in the back of my head. A couple of weeks ago, one of the free newspapers had a reacipe with healthy cookies. Healthy cookies - well that is usually a contradiction of terms. But this one was highly recommended as a dessert by doctors, especially for people with high cholesterol and/or overweight.

I suffer from neither, but am always on the lookout for better eating habits, and this is in sync with my MS Diet = lots of nuts and tried cranberries. And believe me, if you eat two of them as an afternoon snack, you will only have a limited appetite at dinner time.
Usually I have no problems with following a recipe, but there was something wrong with this one. Not enough liquid/moist to keep the ingredients together, so I had to add extra sirup. Wanted to publish the recipe for you to see, but since I have doubts about the how-to description, I will try to locate the original recipe in the book, from which the newspaper was inspired.


Maria :) said...

hurry up with that recipe, I want cookies :)

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