Sunday, April 24, 2011

2nd Easter PhotoWalk

Weather continues to amaze us - only April and people are sunbathing in a nearby park. Me, I use the time to go for long walks accompanied by my camera :o) Nature has really timed it this time: explosion of red and yellow colours to help celebrate Easter.

Blooming cherry trees - hard to believe that I saw some in Asia just a week ago......... The litlle chick in the window is a Danish childrens' tv-star - behind those windows, there is a kindergarten, but with all the children being on Easter holiday it has found its place in the window to greet passers-by.

Just click on the photos if you want higher resolution.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

This is really beautiful pics of Spring!

Anne-Marie said...

Just got back from church, where I'd taken my nursery class outside to see all the beauty of this Easter day....your photos helped to remind me of all things Spring and Resurrection....Happy Easter!

Birdie said...

Perfect way to start the days - geting lost in the beauty of your photos. Yes, that includes the duck :D