Monday, April 4, 2011

Look What Was In My Post Today

...and it only took 5 days to arrive :o)

I have been following James Hancock's blog All the Buildings in New York for a while now, and am contantly sweeped away when I see his latest creations. Sweeped away to a city I love and sweeped away because his drawings are amazing. I could not resist emailing him my address when he offered to send postcard out to the blog's readers.

New York - first time I was there I arrived at night and very tired after a long flight. Next morning I walked to 3rd Avenue and was hit with the noise, very tall buildings and a lot of people - I felt at home from that moment and have loved that city ever since.

Next time I return to NewYork I will pre-order some of his drawings from his shop and bring them home as memento of New York. Now you are wondering - Why not just order them now? Well, now I got an excuse to go back to New York again ;o)

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