Friday, April 29, 2011

Nature Needs Us

Maybe in more ways than we realise.

Mother Nature is a powerful lady constantly reminding us, that we can not control her. She sets the agenda, when it comes to extreme weather like hurricanes/typhoons, monsoon rain, tornadoes etc. but also from the ground: vulcanos and earth quakes. In those occations we watch it like a dumb struck audience often contemplating: What could we have done to foresee this?

There is however something, that we could do for Mother Nature: We could take good care of her. More and more countries realise, that recycling/reuse is very important - we need only to step back in time to WWII, where a lot of countries were recycling aluminium (cans etc) as this mateiral was in extremely high demand..... Our buy-and-throw-away mentality has luckily been somewhat slowed down during the financial crisis - hopefully this will continue.

World Wildlife Fund was established this date (today) 50 years ago, to created awareness about the wildlife and endangered species. They have an important pledge to all of us - to help safe nature's resources. For instance, the event EarthHour last month is one of their initiatives. I am a partner of the local chapter - a partner is one that donates a small amount of money (about 17 $) every month to one of their projects, so this is a cause very close to my heart.

I am not asking you to sign up with WWF - however if you do, that would be awesome - but to consider if you have sorted your garbage, as a lot of things could be reused/recycled... and often more items that you realise.


Karen said...

A cause close to mine as well. We are members and have supported our granddaughter's membership since she was 2.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Sure we need these reminders to take care of Mother Nature!

Andaje said...

Chills ran down my spine last night, when I read the blogpost. I had timed it to be published on the 29th - and it was written before the tornadoes hit the Southeastern part of the US.
Like any other dissaster of Nature, my prayers goes to the families, that has been affected by this tornado situation.