Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Did I Do That?

Ever had this thought? That you might have thrown something out, that you years later regretted having done?

This is NOT a picture of my old typewriter

When I was 7 or 8 years old, I got an old manual typewriter from my dad (he had a light blue one himself) in a special case, you know the one where you had to press really hard on the letters. I used that for years until I got an electric typewriter..... had that one for about 4 years and then enters my first computer.

Now I regret having thrown out this old manual type writer - my parents have moved since I discarted it, which is why it is not to be found at some attic or storage room in the basement. I is not because I want to use an old fashioned type writer, but rather as an decorative object and memories of times that once were.

So why am I suddenly mumbling about an old typewriter?? Well I just learned the other day, that the last batch of manual typewriters (some 12.000 pieces) was manufactured in 2009 in India and they are now clearing the rest of the stock. Surprised that they have even made these until recently - and sad that this era is now over.

Hopefully someday I will be able to find me one like the old one on a flea market......


Anne-Marie said...

Not trying to be smug here (hehe) but I still have mine! And use it quite often, too. Pretty hard to get the ribbons for it, but when I do find the odd one or two, I stock up...probably not for much longer, sadly. I fell in love with manual typewriters when I was taught to touch-type at school,then used one in my first office job....was thrilled when we went over to "golf-ball" ones, but have always returned to my old Imperial or Olivetti (I have both).....sad that they are disappearing but take a look on ebay...ya never know! But don't forget to get some ink ribbons, too!

Scientific Housewife said...

My grandparents still have their old typewriter, it's kinda cool to see

Karen said...

I had one very similar to the photo. I painted it up with flowers and butterflies. Then a friend saw it and fell in love with it. I gave it to her. She still has it.