Friday, April 1, 2011

Poisson d'avril - April Fool's Day

Do you know, how they do April Fool's Day in France?

If you happen to be in France today, and you see somebody wearing a paper fish attached to his back - then you see a victim of the old French tradition regarding April Fool's Day.

I will chose this type of teasing at any April Fool's Day instead of some of those eleborate jokes played on innocent people, that might be going through rough times in the same period, thus getting an even worse day/time because of some out-of-place jokes, that they should never have been the victim to.

Are you going to make a fool of somebody this April 1st - then chose a harmless one like this one so the victim will not have his/her days completely ruined.

The first April Fool's Day joked played on my, was my mother suddenly saying "Have you seen the stork on that roof top?" I looked, and there were of course no stork in sight - she told me all about the April Fool's Day tradition, and also taught me not to play any cruel jokes on people on any April 1st.

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