Friday, April 22, 2011

World Wide News Clippings

A reminder once again to remember picking up that inflight magazine in front of you when flying. I have already my absolute favorite among these magazines - Holland Herald from KLM.

Looking at a picture of a creation (the artichoke has a name: Abbi) like this, your smile and awe should definately come forward.... this is created by Carl Kleiner.

Source: Holland Herald, April 2011

Today is Earth Day, which is why I opted for the piece of art that in every sense is biodegradable :o) Well perhaps not the photo, but the motif....and the magazine that would be read by the next passenger....and the next one...and the next one......

Ohhh almost forgot - just click the picture, if you want to see a bigger version :o)

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Birdie said...

Love seeing these works of art and am always amazed of what the mind sees when looking at an "ordinary" object.