Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eat Your Rubber Duck

Wait!!! Don't do that! - Unless it is a cupcake one :o) *LOL*

So I have this little thing for rubber ducks - and they also comes in the shape of a candle, keychain, miniature, bathroom radio, "plain" rubber ducks and the ones you can wind up so it paddles around in the bath tub. Last year for my birthday, I got a chocolate one from one of my best friends bought in a chocolaterie.

This picture is from Gwen's blogpost - click on the picture and you will be
directed to her blog
Look at these yummi rubber duck cupcakes made by Gwen, whose blog I started reading because of her inchie-a-day project.... I just had to share it with you and on her blogpost she shows us step-by-step how she made them.

After having read her blogpost, I think I better hide my rubber ducks so my mind mistakenly does not think, that they are cupcakes ;o)

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