Sunday, August 7, 2011

Art: Tribute or....?

Most people may not know, who Shepard Fairey is - but if you see one of his art pieces you will recognise it, whether you live in the US or not, wheter you are Democrat or not. I am not discussing politics in this post, but how people might have different perceptions of art being a tribute or ...

The mural is situated at the former address: Jagtvej 69 in the northern part of Copenhagen - every Dane knows that this used to be the address of a house, where a lot of youth were hanging out .... people deemed them as anarkists, punks and lots of other things and a couple of years back the police emptied the house by force (it went in to regular street fights etc.) and had the building demolished. A lot of feelings is still connected with the address, that is now an empty lot.

The street artist Shepard Fairey actually decorated the house some years before it was demolished, so lots of people hoped, that his mural will be recognised as a tribute to what once was here.

This is what the mural looked like yesterday - and this is different from what it looked like Monday, when he finished the mural. Less than 24 hours later it had been vandalised (worse than in the above picture) - he repainted it - and later removed two bits of the mural after having talked with previous "tennants".

Guess that this mural will never be left alone - it has arisen lots of pro and con feelings about what once were on this site and what the "tennants" stood fore. I am not talking sides, for me it is a piece of art being vandalised - but looking at the area this is in, and you will see tags (grafitti) on every building, door, wall or fence - so guess no mural in this area can unvandalised.

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Anne-Marie said...

Such a shame....this could have been beautiful.