Saturday, August 6, 2011

Peace Day

This is our cry
This is our prayer:
To create peace in the world
Inscription from the Genbaku-no-ko-no-Zoh

If you are in Japan, most likely you will know already, that it is Peace Day. Today it is 66 years since the US dropped an A-bomb over Hiroshima.

Japanese Kanji sign "peace"

In the Peace Memorial park in Hiroshima, you will ind a statue. Genbau-no-ku-no-Zoh - Statue of the Children of the Atomic Bomb. It depicts Sadako Sasaki and a crane - and has become the symbol of peace. She became ill of the Atomic Bomb Disease (leukemia), and while at the hospital she started folding origami paper cranes hoping to make 1000. Unfortunately she did not reach her goal, but her classmates decided to help her reach the goal post mortem. Ever since, paper cranes has become the symbol of hope.

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