Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August Tea Swap

The other day I was quite flabbergasted about Dori receiving my tea samples + cards in just 5 days - it went from little Denmark in nothern Europe to exotic Hawaii.

yesterday - well it felt like autumn already: windy, cool temperatues, rain and thunder causing a lot of colds everywhere you turn.... got soaking wet on the way home since I had forgotten the umbrella and thought about nothing but going home to a steaming cup of tea.

Noticed that there was a thick envelope in the mail when I put it into my bag - and it took a while before it sunk in, that it might be the swap from Dori.....but with the rain I waited until I got home to have it confirmed. The unexpected rush service seems to have worked both directions :o)

When I opened the envelope I got the feeling of victorian tea party meeting Miss Marple - a very elegant touch leading to an admiring stare for several minutes...

The details inside are inspiring and have already fuelled some card ideas for the future. Tea from Hawaii is an absolute first for me - and I received to samples of it: Hibiscus Honey Lemon Green Tea and Pineapple Strawberry organic green and white tea.

As I write this post, I am sipping the pinable tea - SCRUMPTIOUS - with big smile on my face.

Just look at this detail(!): the center has a fold perfect for holding a written note (or if that idea is ever used, if I draw a blank when buying somebody's birthday present: to hold a gift card)

Dori, to quote the sentiment you stamped inside this card: "you're tea-riffic" - Thank you soo much for this gem :o)


Anne-Marie said...

Sounds like we do have the same weather...ha!
Not a tea drinker, but I would have been pleased to get this little lot.....what a lovely creation! Enjoy!

Birdie said...

How clever - Dori deserves a pat on the back along with the appropriate postal services. While not a big tea drinker, I too would have gone for the pineapple strawberry first just because it sounds interesting. Don't forget to let us know what you think of the Hibiscus Honey one.