Friday, August 26, 2011

End of the Elephant Parade Copenhagen 2011

The elephants are no longer on Parade in the streets/parks/stores of Copenhagen - however From September 1st to 8 they will be showed together in one big exhibit, and just maybe I will be able to go there and photograph the ones that I did not "catch" with my camera while scattered all over the city.

For a few days my walks had a purpose: to find as many elephants as possible. My goal was 80, but ended up finding 75 since a lot of them ended up at "the hospital". On these walks I also captured things with my camera, that I have never noticed before in my city.

So which ones were my favourites?

But really much more are memorable, so this list could easily had been much longer ;o)

I can not afford to buy the real artpieces, when they get on auction on September 9th, so a purchase of a miniature replica was on my wishlist, but the one I really wanted was sold out. Will check the store on the website to see if it will be available again. In the meantime I will joy read in the artbook containing all the elephants on display in Copenhagen and treasure the bracelet, that I purchased.

A big THANK YOU to the artist who made our city extra colourful - Jane have already received pictures of her elephant as my thanks, as she discovered the parade pictures on my little blog :o) And you dear blog readers -  thanks for walking with me and leaving nice comments about the elephants on my blog....when I started posting these, I thought you were going "Oh no not another elephant again" but your enthusiam really make me happy.

Should you by any chance be in Singapore, when they are having their elephant parade, I can highly recommend that you check out those new artpieces that they are going to have.


Peace Be With You said...

It has been awesome and I was always awed by the talent displayed. Thanks for letting us have a seat to watch the parade.

Petra said...

Anne, without your pictures I would never have been able to take the walk :) Thank you for sharing each and every one!

Birdie said...

Legs, thank you! A hundred times over for not only sharing but allowing us to comment. Can't believe when I looked at your top listing that I actually missed two of them. Where in the world was I?

An even bigger thank you for letting me feel like a world traveler with your blog. Truly priceless to me.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I looked at your favorites and I would be my favorites also! Yes this has been a creative parade...

Ali Baba said...

I loved the elephants!!! Cant pick a favourite either...thanks for taking me on the journey with you, they were absolutely gorgeous XXX