Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Would Never Have Guessed......

There is a great perk attached to remembering colleagues birthdays, to pay attention about their interests, so you can customize the card to them... maybe even bring home a little inexpensive something, that you know that they will value no matter what the price was.

One of my colleagues just came home from vacation and she was bringing something to my workdesk and said "Look what I found in yoghurt cans!"

She got me something from yoghurt cans??!! But something caught me eye and I could not wait to open those two wrappings.

You get these from eating yoghurt??!! Might persuade me to start eating yoghurt even though I doubt that my local brands will have some of these inside.

Big smile on my face when I saw the turtle - did you know that I have a thing for turtles?? Well I do. And the giver: she was so happy that I can use these to do something creative.

Rosemary, if you are reading this: I do know that Opus Gluei have a challenge "Oh I do love to be by the seaside...." ... but here is the thing: I do have an idea for the challenge using these stamps, but need some of the crafty stash at home to do it, and I am not staying at home at the moment *sigh*

Well this proves my theory about the fact that one can find creative ideas and supply the most unsual places from time to time - one have to keep the eyes open :o)


Maria :) said...

that is so cool...I want such yogurth too...stamp yogurth...i would buy them a lot lol
lucky you anne

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

These are cute gifts! Nice to have yogurt:)

Birdie said...

Only you Legs! Can hear those ideas clicking away! Can't wait to see. Many decades ago I too had a thing for turtle collecting. Sadly, all gone now. Such is life ;)

Petra said...

How unusual, yoghurt stamps...hmmm, they're on to something I think. Though don't think I'll be dropping my chocolate for yoghurt any time soon, maybe I could eat both at the same time? there's a thought!