Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well there is no direct translation of this word into English... sorry guys. The word is a description/event with lots of coffee, cake and small talking... you might even spruce it up with knitting, embroidery or crocheting

I often pick up some of the free newspapers and read them for inspiration. Last week was no exception, and I found a review of a new coffee table style book called "Til Kaffeslapperas".... designers who have dared some old biddies (Claire, you got me started on using this word for old ladies) to create something knitted.

For the past year the old biddies have been in the newspapers a few times, as they are knitting items that are sold in designer store - the payment goes to activities at a place for the elderly.... their labels is called kaffeslapperas :o)

Yesterday I bought the book, which is based on the talks between the old biddies and the designers - pair by pair (one designer teamed up with an old biddy) - some knitting patterns and photos from their lives. The book celebrates life and creativity in such a great way.... hope it could eventually be translated to other languages and sold to an even bigger audience.


Birdie said...

Would coffee klatch come close? Though definition doesn't say knitting or any other activity, it was included by default for most social gatherings of biddies. At least where I come from.

claire7q said...

Takes a biddy to know a biddy. Just sayin'

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

I like coffee and small talk...this word is neat to describe me:)

Andaje said...

Pretty close B, but then not fully covering our word :o)