Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blog Award - Maybe Even For You Too

Have been MIA a couple of days - needed sleep since noisy next door neighbour has resumed his very loud rutines again in the middle of the night, where they rest of us only wants to get our sleep..... it resulted me getting late to work and since my body needs its sleep I got an offer to borrow a friends appartment for a few days, while she was away.

Earlier this week, Anne-Marie awarded me with this - bestowed on those she considers to be true followers and who often leaves comments on her blog. Seriously how can we not leave comments on her blog?! Her card creations are great and when she show us her cards she always attach an hilarous description of the card making process.

Along with the award came a requst that we passed it on - see this is a boomerang 'cause it needs to go right back to her from me, as she often gives me great comments......there might be double awards here, but Birdie, Claire, Petra and'll get it from me as well (have not checked their blogs yet, as I need to do a bit of catching up due to my MIA)

More followers are to receive this blog award, as they often leave comments and have great blogs themselves - Please grab this award and place it on your blog :o)

Judy at Peace be With You
Karen at Meandering...One Moment Please
Denalee at Silver Strands
Kim at Stuff Could Always Be Worse
Rosemary at Free Advise Worth Any Penny


Anne-Marie said...

Glad you are makin' use of it, Anne....if you print off a whole lot of them, you could use them for stuffin' in your ears, so you don't hear the noisy neighbour....ha!

Peace Be With You said...

Thank you!

Karen said...

Thank you, I will be sure to pass it on!

claire7q said...

Thanks Legs :) I will get around to posting it on my blog at some point - need to think of some people to pass it on to first!