Monday, August 8, 2011

Walk this way

Yes yes, I walked the 2km.... Well doesn't sound like much, does it??

But what if I told you, that it was 2 km with street art ??

In the city of Køge, south Copenhagen, some Danish and international street artist have made an exhibition to explore. It starts at the Museum, KØS, and then takes you along a 2km route, where you will find street art. Could not resist going there yesterday by S-train, as the rides are at a very low the first Sunday of the month, and it turned out, that the entrance today was free.

This is a peek of what I saw:


Birdie said...

How long did that walk take? I can see getting lost in the displays and it taking hours to do. Numbers three and five alone have art within the art. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday I think. Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Amazing creativity here! Thanks for sharing.

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Your city is full of art! Nice
ps. Chiggers are in our area of the world....don't know where else?