Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st - Calendar Light

December 1st, and my calendar light is lit for the first time. Candles is a big thing for us Danes as it is part of our "hygge" (lots of people have tried to translate it with one single English word, but no such word exist, as the word is many things at once).

We are counting to 24, as our Christmas is held that night, and you will find a calendar light in most homes - one of our biggest traditions.

Another tradition is the TV Christmas calendars, which will entertain especially the kids daily until the big night - some of my childhood favourites are "Jul i Gammelby" (Christmas in the Old City) and "Jul på slottet" (Christmas at the Castle) which is being broadcasted every December. About 20 years ago an adult TV Calendar was run the first time "The Julekalender" (The Christmas calendar) which is a hilarious mixture of Danish and English (we are taught English at an early age in school) which I just saw again earlier this evening.

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Karen said...

What a wonderful tradition! I must look for a Advent calendar candle for next year!