Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cola Has Many Looks

Curiosity Cola. That was the one I spotted first in a London store, and was intrigued by the name. Since CocaCola is usually my only kind of cola (the diets and sugarfree ones make me sick, as I am allergic to artificial sugar) I am always trying other colas to figure out, if there is any other label, that is ok.

According to the bottle's back label, it states the following "Originally the product of apothecaries, cola's were first sold as "Health Drinks" and were viewed with curiosity by the public." As Coca Cola Cherry Coke is also a favourite of mine (though only available locally occationally) I wanted to try the CheeryTree Cola too.

Did I like them? Ahmmmm..... No! I tasted them and could not finish either of those bottles. Know that many claim that they can taste the sugar cubes in a CocaCola, but to me this was like licking directly on a sugar cube. So once again CocaCola defeted the competitor according to me. However, you might think that no cola can compeed with CocaCola - yes there is, and it is actually a Danish cola, Jolly Cola, sad thing is that I do not spot that very often any longer though it is still on the market.

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Karen said...

It's Coke or nothing for me, but then I haven't tasted Jolly Cola ;)