Monday, March 26, 2012

A Friendly Reminder

This may look extravagant, but it did not cost a lot of money. Actually this could fit almost any budget when travelling, as this is a find from a street off Portobello Road in London. Not a new purchase, have had it for almost five years now, but is the clock in my appartment reminding me about the time.

So do I find it stressing, since it's purpose is to remind me of the time? Absolutely "No!" as this is a reminder to me about all the good times spent in London, which makes it a sort-of souvenir without being one of the most common souvenirs depicting a red London bus, a London taxi or the Big Ben.


Vicky said...

It's real pretty, Anne. Practical and souverir-y at the same time, my kind of thing.

Anne-Marie said...

I agree with's beautiful! How big is it?
Would you believe I've been to London only twice? Would love to go again, but hubby doesn't like it...he works there a lot!