Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little Christmas Magic

If somebody says the word "Christmas" in front of most of my colleagues this time of year, they will be asked to wash their mouth with soap - Christmas is, according to them, only to be mentioned etc from either December 1st or 1st Sunday of Advent (depending on which one comes first). But let's face it: if you are a crafty person you know, that it will be too late if you start your Christmas projects that late.

When a colleague spotted me reading this book in the bus from work the immediate reaction was "Catching up on your reading from Christmas?"  HA!! No, because I did not buy this book until February: "The Magic of Christmas" by Trisha Ashley.

Read her "Twelve Days of Christmas" last year, which was a read-until-the-end-with-no-interuptions, so had really high expectations for this book. Maybe those expectations ruined the read of this book, since the book from last year reminded me of something from my life.

"The Magic of Christmas" is an ok chich-lit, and enjoy how it reminds us, that homemade stuff (in this case food and cakes) needs to be prepared well in time for Christmas. That makes it actually an "all year" read, as most of the story does not take place during the holiday season.

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Anne-Marie said...

Oh, we have soooo much in common...haaa! I read both of these books...actually at Christmas....and, yep....not great literature, but found I could lose myself in "the magic" for a time.
Who cares what others think....we are the ones with all the creativity in our souls, my friend! :D