Saturday, March 10, 2012

Need More Time

Have suddenly realised, that I have several photos of Clocks (above photos represent cities like, Copenhagen, Ipswich, London and Oxford) and wondering why I even took those pictures? The motifs themselves are beautiful but can not stop thinking about that the little voice in my head might have reminded me to slow down without me hearing/noticing it.

Luckily I can stop worrying about the time for the next couple of weeks most of the time, as I have time off work to do wonderful things like reading, crafting, walking, travelling, photographing and mayby indulge in the pleasure of a scrumptious cupcake.


Vicky said...

Some clocks can be so ornate that it is hard not to photograph them, but I understand where you are coming from regarding "slowing down" a bit. I on the other hand need to "get a move on". lol
Have a lovely few days off. {hugs}

Anne-Marie said...

Beautiful images....especially LOVE the blue clock on the terracotta...where is that one?
Have to say that your recent weaved hearts are amazing!
Have fun, my friend!

Karen said...

Woohoo enjoy your time off!