Sunday, March 25, 2012

London: Hyde Park

When on vacation in another city/country, do you remember to just relax? Yes vacation is about relaxing, and not just running from one seight to another in order not to miss out on anything... no I mean sitting down and relaxing for a couple of hours doing nothing specific.

I have stopped having everyday of the calendar filled out with to-do's whenever I am in London - "just" going with the flow and still managing to see something new everytime. Spring has arrrived to London, so took the opportunity to sit on a bench in Hyde Park.... reading a bit, watching passersby and looking at the nature surrounding me... back to basics some might call it. I call it me-time as was not rushed by any particular agenda thus embrasing the whole concept of vacation and relaxing time.


Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Nice pics to relax with...neat to be in London...good advice, don't rush on vacation

Vicky said...

The only holiday I relax at are beach holidays if going to a city it is just for a few days so must get everything in.
Went to Rome a few years ago and came back at least 2" shorther from all the walking. lol

Karen said...

Oh...what cute squirrel!