Tuesday, March 27, 2012

CupCake Meeting

So what is it with me and cupcakes? Well must admist that it was partly the title, that lured me into buying this book - but also the fact that I already own two of Jenny Colgan's books :o)

Jenny introduces Issy to us, that is suddenly without a job and with a redundancy payment, that equals some months' pay. As a young girl, she used to spend hours at her grandpa's bakery giving her an interest in baking scruptious cakes, that just might be her way out of the looong unemployment queue.

Her grandpa sends her letters with recipes - and how I wish that recipe books would be written like that, as it will give you a healthy laughter: "3 whole eggs. Plus an extra tree to break therapeutically by throwing at the wall" - "Now, to all intents and purposes, your cake wil look like an ugly dissaster. When people see your calke they will feel sorry for you....." Ohh did I mention that the recipes are actually written in the book, and tried one of them, that was a hit when bringing it to my friends house forgot to take a picture of it :o( 

How I sometimes wish that I could quit my job and do something creative for a living, but just have not found that niche yet, where I create something that stands out a bit. Surroundings often reminds me, that we are in an aftermath of a recession, as about 14 stores are idle in my neighbourhood. Saddens me, as I am actually living in the centre of the city. Always happy when I read a feel-good book like this just pushing that litlle "maybe someday" thought in the back of my head :o)

Two of Jenny's books already on my bookshelve

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