Friday, March 30, 2012

When a Movie Takes You on a Voyage

The movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, not only takes the 7 English characters portrayed in the movie on a travel, it also lures you into the atmosphere of being in India. Like Claire said to me a while ago, the actors are a who-is-who in British movies.

One of the characters asks one of the others, what it is about this noisy and dirty country, that he loves so much... and it is 95% the answer I gave a friend about a year ago after returning from a trip to India: the colours and the smiles on people's faces.

You see those beautiful colors a lot of places on the clothes that they are wearing - a big contrast to a lot of western countries, where it all seems to be color co-ordinated to the same colours and some of them very dark. Sometimes you feel that you have been taken to a timewharp back in time, only to be reminded abouth the present when you realise the major presence of mobile phones everywhere. Despite they seem to live in another time, some of the fast-paste we know is indeed also present there.

The movies also makes you think about the thing of "getting older" - they are all at a time of their life, when they are widowed, retired, redundant etc. having to face what their future actually holds for them. How not to be put in a box by the surroundings with the label "old" but living a second live they never imagined.

The majority of people watching it at the same time as me, was either the age of the casted actors or some that like frequent travels to exotic places - a shame as I think this movie appeals to a wider audience than that.

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